Hyamira 40mg/2ml is a new generation of dermal fillers ideal for subcutaneous applications. Hyamira 40mg is a sterile, highly tolerated, viscoelastic filler that increases the volume of the dermo-epidermal tissue due to its natural ability of hydrophilic hyaluronic acid molecules attracting a moderate amount of water molecules to bond with them hence restoring hydration levels of the skin.
What’s in the box?

  • 40 mg/2ml hyaluronic acid

Benefits of Hyamira 40mg/2ml?

  • Anti-aging for reducing wrinkles
  • Improving hydration
  • Increasing skin turgidity and elasticity
  • Enhancing natural protection of the skin

The filler creates optimal physiological conditions for fibroblasts migration, as well as participates in collagen synthesis and other components of the extracellular matrix. The high-molecular-weight of hyaluronic acid has a strong antioxidant effect in preventing the harmful influence of free radicals, and its ability to stimulate angiogenesis. This hyaluronic acid is completely degraded inside the body. The effect of this treatment by Apharm lasts about 6 months, depending on age, skin type, lifestyle, and other individual factors.  
 Hyamira is recommended for: 

  • Restoring tissue volume and reducing wrinkles; 
  • Restoring skin hydro balance; 
  • Improvement of firmness, elasticity, and hydration of the face, neck, and hands; 
  • Refreshing and smoothing the skin; 
  • Enhancing the natural protection function of the skin; 

 Contents of the box: 

  • 40 mg/2ml hyaluronic acid 

How does Hyamira 40mg/2ml work?
Hyamira 40mg works by stopping the aging process, it is necessary to restore the rehydration mechanism using Hyamira 40mg/2ml to achieve this. Skin elasticity is restored in the first phase, followed by degradation of increased Hyaluronic acid and production of Collagen.
We recommend that you organize 4 or 5 weekly sessions followed by a “maintenance” session every 2 to 3 months, depending on your needs. You can resume your usual routine at the end of the treatment. The redness disappears in just a few hours.
The results are immediate and you will see an improvement in the first session.
In the short term, your skin will appear smoother, brighter, and firmer. In the longer term, rides and fine lines are reduced and your skin tightens.