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Neauvia Organic Intense LV filler is a newly designed dermal filler, particularly for mucosa tissue. It is an extremely elastic and resistant product used for Lips augmentation and remodeling. Suitable for augmentation, contouring, and revitalization of lips. Neauvia Organic Intense LV (1x1ml) contains 26 mg/ml of HA to provide optimal results in delicate lips area. INTENSE LIPS LV contains 26 mg/ml of HA to provide optimal results in delicate lips area. Suitable for augmentation, contouring, and revitalization of lips. Buy Neauvia Organic Intense LV Online

Organic Intense LV fillers are assured of its highest quality thanks to the usage of the safest materials in the production process (BSHA, PEG), as well as the advanced IPN technology offering extraordinary properties of the hydrogel
Using Neauvia Organic Intense LV (1x1ml) Results to:
The optimal amount of HA for natural effect and patient’s comfort.The highest quality of raw materials (BSHA and PEG). Real 3D structure thanks to IPN technology. Slow biodegradation and long-lasting results.
Neauvia Organic Intense LV Lips augmentation and modeling are the main areas this product is treated with. In addition to hyaluronic acid, it contains amino acids - Glycine and L-Proline - that are the main ingredients of collagen. This dedicated preparation gives special elasticity to the polymer’s chains permitting it to overcome the mechanical stress the lips are submitted. This improvement gives a natural touch perception.
Neauvia Organic line offers products for filling tissue losses. It guarantees a natural look and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions. Neauvia Organic is the world’s first line of fillers so close to nature. Developed using the latest technologies, ensuring an unprecedented purity and efficiency of preparation.
NEAUVIA ORGANIC range of fillers is biomimetic. Thanks to PEG-cross-linked technology, they have high safety and tolerability profile. Each Neauvia Organic Filler reference is based on a specific combination of HA and PEG for different indications and injection planes. Pure raw materials and new production techniques make Neauvia organic fillers stand out as the new generation of products.
NEAUVIA ORGANIC is manufactured using hyaluronic acid produced by a non-pathogenic strain of Bacillus subtilis, which is targeted at increasing the safety of treatments and allows them to avoid reactive responses caused by protein residues.
Thanks to PEG features and to a precise technique of determining the molecular weight of the HA, Neauvia fillers have the most optimal rheology - the ratio of three properties – on the market:

  • Cohesivity: the attractive force acting between the molecules of a substance.
  • Viscoelasticity: the ratio between Viscosity (the property of resistance to flow in a fluid/semifluid; adjacent layers move parallel to each other with different speeds) and Elasticity (the tendency of solid materials to return to their original shape after being deformed).
  • Plasticity: the property to undergo permanent deformation under load.

This product contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid - 26 mg/ml. Thanks to the advantages of IPN technology Intense LV is highly adaptive to the tissue which helps to achieve desired results. It is effective especially for deep filling of skin depression (included deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds), cheeks, chin and nose modeling, face contouring, in moderate and strongly aged skin.

  • The high concentration of HA and high viscosity,
  • Ultra-safe profile thanks to Bacillus subtilis and PEG,
  • Optimal rheology properties giving remarkable and natural correction,
  • Slow biodegradation and long-lasting results.
INDICATIONS: For moderate and strongly aged skin
  • Deep filling of skin depression (included deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds),
  • cheeks, chin and nose modeling,
  • face contouring.

Hyaluronic Acid, cross-linked: 26 mg/ml
Glycine and L-Proline
Lidocaine: -


1 x 1ml prefilled syringe
1 x cannula: 22G 50mm
1 x needle: 21G 40mm

  • hypersensitivity to one of the components,
  • skin infection near the site of injection,
  • patients susceptible to keloid formation,
  • pregnant or lactating women,
  • allergy or anaphylaxis,
  • bleeding disorders,
  • autoimmune disorders,
  • antibiotic therapy.

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for deep filling of skin depression (included deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds),


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